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Posted: January 21, 2012 in Simple Blogging
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Why is considered as a “jewel” in a blogger’s life?

A  blogger, who gets BuySellAds approval , can consider himself as a prince with a crown, because he/she have achieved or conquered  “something invincible “, as stated by others. (It is true that, it is not so easy to get a BuySellAds approval for a common blog.)

The BSA Logo


  • Quick and painless: Once your site is approved, you can be up and running in minutes.
  • Increased efficiency: We’ll make you more efficient, freeing you up to create new content.
  • Make more money: You get 75% of total sales. We work as your sales team to help you sell more ads.
  • Real Time Stats: Manage your ads 24/7, and get historical reporting and recommendations.
  • Super Easy/Efficient: No more back and forth with publishers. Take your ads live within minutes.
  • Fully Transparent: Ads are sold at fixed 30-day rates. And you choose the websites to advertise on.


“A better way to sell ads.” – BSA

Most online advertising companies are chasing the next algorithm or putting a new marketing spin on the same age-old targeting techniques — BSA is turning back time, making ad buying and selling easier than ever. You’ll love it. Your advertisers will love it. We’re fun to do business with, and the system just works. BuySellAds is a win-win.

A pageview of BSA

To the next question…


  • You will sell more ads: Selling ads directly to advertisers is difficult. BuySellAds makes this easy – for you and your advertisers. We have thousands of advertisers actively buying ads in the BSA network each month. Not only will you be able to more efficiently sell ads to advertisers directly, you will be able to tap into our existing (and ever-growing) pool of advertisers that have never heard of your website. The goal at BSA is to help you build up a long-lasting stream of revenue from your website with quality advertisers.
  • You don’t have to give up control: Most ad networks make you give up control of your ad space. They have restrictive terms, only allow certain ad sizes, don’t let you approve each ad on your website, and worst of all they pay you what they want to pay without disclosing the revenue share. With BSA, it’s the complete opposite. We’re 100% transparent and you have total control over everything.
  • On the web, desktop, and mobile: Whether you publish on the web, desktop, or mobile, BSA makes sellings Ads simple and easy. In addition to websites, BSA officially supports Mac and iOS applications.
  • High quality, targeted, niche advertisers: Using BSA is a lot like selling ads directly to advertisers. They are selecting to advertise on your site specifically. Because of this, you naturally get better advertisers.
  • We make you more efficient: You’re right. Managing your own advertisers and their campaigns is not difficult. But it takes time (and patience). Adding a slick piece of software between you and your advertisers will make both of your lives easier. Your time is better spent growing traffic, creating new content, and curating your community.

What does it cost?

It doesn’t cost you anything to get started. We’re (both BSA and you)  in this together, and BSA only makes money when you make money. BSA charge a flat 25% for the ads sold. Included in the 25%: credit card and PayPal processing fees (typically 2.9% – 5% per transaction), support for you and your advertisers, our wonderfully fast ad serving that won’t slow down your website, unlimited access to our expert consulting on pricing/ad placement/etc, inclusion in our directory browsed by thousands of advertisers, and more.


The blog will turn into a money making machine, which in turn will bring good charms to the bloggers’s life.  The income from blog will have unbelievable growth i.e.; 5X or 10X growth. If the blogger (a lucky guy indeed), can maintain the good traffic to his site, he dont have to worry about anything more. He just have to sit idle and can earn a six figure income in a few days or weeks.

Finally, You can increase the no. of ad slots in your blog, which in return will help you invite more income (A small tip from us…)

Anyway, from our case study it is proven to us that  many  bloggers (more than  80% of them) earn a six figure income from

We’re sure to write more on this topic in the future, so to keep up do subscribe our feed.

Having Any Doubts about the approval system in BSA?You can contact me in personal.

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    this post can help people like me who really want to get Buy Sell Ads approval.

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